Home Cleaning

When you work with our residential arm, Laura’s Maids, in Tyler, TX, we clean according to your individual needs. The frequency to which we do some tasks may vary from customer to customer. For example one customer might like their baseboards wiped every time we come and another customer might like them wiped every 6 months. Cleaning needs can be discussed at the estimate and walk through of your home.

Deep Home Cleaning

The deep clean service option is a comprehensive top-to-bottom cleaning of your home. We recommend a deep cleaning if you have not had your home or apartment professionally cleaned within the past three months, or if you do not use a cleaning service on a regular basis. A deep clean includes all the services of a standard clean but with more attention to areas you may have forgotten to clean up over time. This in depth cleaning will get your home ‘super’ clean. Our deep clean is recommended for the first visit. Afterwards, our standard service will be more than enough to keep your house in top shape.

Recurring Cleaning Service

If you dream of walking into an immaculate home every day but do not have the time to make this dream a reality, Laura’s Maids is ready to help. With our regular cleaning service, we provide you with an outstanding job at an affordable price. Our dedicated cleaners are true professionals and make sure your home is transformed into a spotless place week after week. They systematically review the space, develop a strategy to perform the job and waste no time in removing dirt, sanitizing, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning areas that always need attention.

Every regular cleaning includes one bathroom, kitchen, common room and selected bedroom(s). You can always order more bathrooms and bedrooms cleaned. We also provide all cleaning supplies for FREE.

Move In Cleaning Service

Moving is often an incredibly stressful and exhausting experience. Getting your things in order, changing your address, scheduling transportation and moving services, perhaps changing school systems or going through a simultaneous career adjustment—it can all present a massive amount of work. On top of it all, you have to make sure the home you’re moving into is clean and that your new home is ready for move-in day.

Let the experts at Laura’s Maids remove the burden move in cleaning from your to-do list. By nature, moving is messy. Our expert cleaning crews can make sure that your new home looks spotless and sparkling with our move in cleaning services

Move Out Cleaning

Our move out cleanings are extremely thorough, designed to prepare a home for its new owner or tenant. Houses and apartments can gather years of dust and grime left by current residents. From top to bottom, we’ll clean and sanitize everywhere and give a stress-free welcome to your home’s new tenants or owners.

If you’re moving to a new location, consider our move out service as part of your relocation plans. When you vacate your rental house or apartment, cleanliness can determine whether or not your security deposit is returned. This could mean a few thousand dollars—money that could go toward making your new place feel like home—making cleaning services well-worth the cost. Our rates are competitive, and a clean living space left behind means a good recommendation from your landlord. Leave your home looking even better than the day you moved in! Contact Laura’s Maids today.

What We Clean

All our standard cleanings include dusting and washing of all reachable surfaces, wiping the outside of kitchen appliances and cabinets, basic cleaning of the bathrooms, and vacuuming and mopping all floors. We also tailor cleanings to what you want to get cleaned! Just let us know which areas you’d like our cleaners to focus on, and we’ll handle the rest. We have you covered!

For more details, the Laura’s Maids regular cleaning checklist is presented below:

Our Maid Services


  • Clean and disinfect sinks, toilets, showers and tubs
  • Clean and disinfect toilet bowl
  • Clean mirror to a no streak shine
  • Wipe front of vanity
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust light fixtures and any other miscellaneous dusting
  • Vacuum and wash


  • Clean countertops and backsplash (this includes picking up objects and wiping underneath)
  • Wipe outside of cupboards
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave
  • Clean outside of appliances (including top of refrigerator if clear)
  • Clean top of range and front of oven
  • Cleanse sink and polish faucet
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust window sills, table and chairs, and any other miscellaneous dusting
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Empty trash

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Offices, Family Rooms, General Areas

  • Dusting (objects are also picked up and dusted)
  • Feather dust blinds
  • Clean light switches
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Dust window sills, ledges, and wall hangings
  • Vacuum carpeting, hard surfaces floors, and stairs
  • Vacuum under beds
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Vacuum/shake throw rugs
  • Mop or hand wash hard surface floors (mop or hand wash is your preference)
  • Make beds / change sheets
  • Empty trash
  • Wipe tops of washer and dryer
  • Dust staircase

Special Items

these are priced hourly

  • One-time cleaning
  • Move-in/Move out cleaning
  • Window cleaning (if newer windows that fold inside)
  • Spring and Fall cleaning (deep cleaning)
  • Light Fixtures
  • Oven cleaning
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Vacuum blinds, curtains, drapes
  • Vacuum lampshades
  • Detail/edge vacuuming

Contact Laura’s Maids today to obtain a professional and accurate quote.

Detailed Home & Office Cleaning

If you are looking for fast, quality home cleaning services or commercial janitorial services in Tyler, Longview, or Houston TX, contact LM Commercial Cleaning today! We will provide you with an on-site consultation and answer any questions you may have.

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