When you’re focused on caring for the hearts of your people, business and administrative duties are not always on the top of mind. For many churches, cleaning and janitorial services are an afterthought.

That’s why LM Commercial Cleaning serves worship centers with stunning church cleaning services.

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Welcome Your Guests

Welcome Your Guests With A Stunning Atmosphere

Your First Impression Makes All The Difference

First time guests decide whether they will ever return to your church within the first 10 minutes. What happens in those ten minutes?

It’s not the preaching. It’s not the theology. And it’s likely not the music either.

What happens in those first 10 minutes has everything to do with whether or not a guest feels welcome.

In other words, it matters:

  • That there is enough parking when they pull into your parking lot.
  • That a smiling face greets them at the door.
  • That seating is available when they come inside the sanctuary.

But there’s something else that also makes a significant impression on first time guests in those first 10 minutes that many churches overlook..

The cleanliness of your building.

When your building is beautiful and spotless, it sets the tone for your guests’ experience. A clean facility creates a lasting impression that your guests will remember, even if they are not consciously aware of it.

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We Understand The Unique Cleaning Needs Of Your Church



Many churches meet on Saturdays and Sundays. They also have staff working all week, and classes and small groups meeting in the evenings. Finding a church cleaning company that can meet your scheduling needs isn’t easy. That’s why we offer the most flexible cleaning schedules you’ll find in Texas.

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As a non-profit organization, your hurch is funded by the generosity of its members. So, stewarding your budget is always a top concern. At LM Commercial Ceaning, we work hard to offer the most affordable cleaning services possible to churches.

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Churches, synagogues, and cathedrals want to provide their worshippers with a distraction-free environment where they can connect with God and each other. So our team is committed to making your church beautiful before each worship gathering.

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Safe Products


Commercial cleaning services prevent spreading germs and sickness. But many cleaning chemicals merely replace germs with toxic pollutants.

LM Commercial Cleaning employees use our own line of safe and eco-friendly cleaning products and supplies. That way, we can ensure your church is protected from harmful germs and harmful cleaning chemicals.

Every facility at your church will benefit from a cleaner, healthier cleaning program.

Here are some of the many cleaning services we offer:

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Safe Products

Give Your Church Staff a Rest

Give Your Church Staff a Rest


Maintaining a detailed cleaning schedule can place an extra burden on in-house staff or member volunteers. This is especially true if your facility hosts special events, gatherings, and other occasions that require extra clean-up regularly.

The same small group of people can become weary from the upkeep.

Give your staff and volunteers a rest. Contact a cleaning company that respects your church’s needs and budget.

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Church Areas We Clean

Auditoriums & Lobbies

The moment a guest walks through your doors, you are making a first impression on them. Creating that first impression starts long before they show up. It begins with the preparation you put into welcoming them. Ensuring the lobby and auditorium are attractive and clean is a big part of that.

LM Commercial Cleaning will give your guests a stunning environment that they'll remember for weeks after visiting your church.

Our professional cleaning team will pick up trash, vacuum, wipe down church furniture, church chairs, wood surfaces, and handle church pew upholstery cleaning when needed.

Restroom Cleaning

Dirty restrooms and foul odors can create a negative impression with members and visitors alike. Proper cleaning and disinfecting make a world of difference.

LM Commercial Cleaning pays extra attention to hot spots where dirt and germs collect and spread. These include sink areas, toilets and urinals, stall doors and walls, hardware, baseboards, and floors.

Church Offices

Providing your church staff with a clean office space every day is an easy way to show them how much you appreciate them. Not only this, but a clean workspace is proven to help employees focus and do better work.

Giving your staff a distraction-free office area is a simple way to care for your congregation indirectly.

High Traffic Areas

Churches, synagogues, and other religious facilities host meetings, events, activities, and Bible study groups multiple times per week. High traffic areas such as classrooms, fellowship halls, and activity centers benefit from a systematic cleaning service devoted to careful dusting and disinfecting, vacuuming, mopping, restroom cleaning, and trash removal.

Let LM Commercial Cleaning breathe new life into your church building. We'll create a warm, inviting environment for your members and visitors.

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Don’t Trade Toxic Germs For Toxic Chemicals

At LM Commercial Cleaning, we only use the safest, most delicate cleaning supplies to protect your attendees. Our cleaning products are made in-house by a professional chemist to ensure they are environmentally friendly, and attendee safe.

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