Commercial Cleaning For Your Gym

At the heart of any relationship between a fitness center and its members is trust. Your customers trust that everything in the gym is safe–the machines, the benches, the bathrooms. Everything.

Part of that trust includes trusting that the facilities are clean and free from germs. Obviously, you trust your members to wipe off the equipment after they use it, but let’s be honest: they don’t always do that.

That’s why regular commercial cleaning for your gym is a must. LM Commercial Cleaning will provide a deep clean that will impress your members and free up your staff to focus on the clients.

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<h2>Commercial Cleaning For Your Gym</h2><p><br></p>

Provide Your Members A Deep Clean From Top To Bottom

Professional Fitness Center Cleaning Service

A gym’s cleanliness directly corresponds to how its clients treat the equipment. A disorganized, dirty gym will invite them to forget to rack their weights, clean the gym equipment, or wipe up spills.

A dirty gym is also a safety hazard, and a hurt client can be disastrous for your bottom line.

A clean gym is a safe gym, and it encourages your clients to take care of it and to clean up after themselves. Regular deep cleaning will also free up your employees to focus on more important things, like ensuring the equipment is safe and returned where it belongs.

LM Commercial Cleaning can provide the deep clean that will inspire your clients and your employees. We specialize in floor-to-ceiling commercial cleaning, and we can handle every square foot of your fitness center.

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Deep Clean From Top To Bottom

The Benefits Of LM Commercial Cleaning

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    Flexible Scheduling

    Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly deep cleaning–LM Commercial Cleaning can provide you with a cleaning schedule that fits your budget and needs.

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    We use specially formulated cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and don’t contain harsh chemicals and irritants.

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    Dependable Cleaning Crews

    Our crews are professional. They’ll be on time to your appointment, and will always provide a perfect clean time and time again.

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    Floor-to-Ceiling Clean

    LM Commercial Cleaning does it all: cleaning exercise equipment, floors, mirrors, windows, bathrooms & locker rooms–every square inch of your gym.

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    Complete Disinfection

    Sanitizing common areas is fundamental to fitness center cleanliness, and LM Commercial Cleaning will ensure your gym is entirely germ-free.

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    Professional Equipment

    LM Commercial Cleaning has the equipment to provide a deep clean, including carpet shampooers, tile & grout cleaners, and other vital equipment.


Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

We Only Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

LM Commercial Cleaning paired with a chemist to collaborate on creating commercial cleaners that are 100% environmentally friendly without compromising their cleaning power.

A clean environment doesn’t impress anyone if harsh chemicals irritate them or, worse, contribute to long-term medical problems. That’s why LM Commercial Cleaning is fully committed to providing sustainable green cleaning solutions.

When you contract with LM Commercial Cleaning, you can expect more than a spotless gym space. You can expect a team dedicated to the health of your employees, clients, and guests.

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Impress Your Members

Impress Your Members While Lowering Your Overhead

Keeping a gym clean requires manpower–a lot of it. Whether you’re a 24-hour operation or not, you’ll need to keep your gym staffed so that they can ensure your gym meets your standards for cleanliness.

On your own, this means full crews at least once a day for a full cleaning. However, with LM Commercial Cleaning you can maintain your standards while lowering your overhead.

Our professionals are able to get your gym spotless. This allows you to staff fewer employees throughout the day. Because they aren’t performing 100% of the cleaning duties, they can focus on providing better guest services.

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Gym Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning

Windows aren’t easy to clean, and gym mirrors frequently get dirty. LM Commercial Cleaning provides window and mirror cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Gym carpets can get really nasty, but LM Commercial Cleaning can provide full-service carpet cleaning that keeps them looking great.

Floor Waxing

Whether your gym features a dance studio or a basketball court, LM Commercial Cleaning will be able to make hardwood floors truly sparkle.

Tile & Grout

Grout attracts dirt and grime, but LM Commercial Cleaning can use gym floor cleaning machines to blast away stains and grime.


Germs aren’t just gross–they can get your guests sick. But LM Commercial Cleaning can provide floor-to-ceiling disinfection.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms need focused attention to keep clean, and LM Commercial Cleaning has the experience to keep them spotless.