Stand Out With A Professional Atmosphere Customers Will Remember

Your customers form an opinion about your business before they ever see a product or ask about your services. That opinion comes from the way they feel when they first step foot inside your door.

Does the atmosphere in your building communicate professionalism? Creativity? Peace? Luxury? Confidence?

Or does it communicate Chaos? Sloppiness? Unprofessionalism?

Your company can stand out as the business that goes the extra mile in everything you do when you hire a professional commercial cleaning company in Pasadena, TX.

At LM Commercial Cleaning, we help your customers see that you take pride in what you do. 

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We can make your building stand out by ensuring your building is not just spotless, but:

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    The hard floors are perfect

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    The carpet is stain and odor-free

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    The windows are smudge-free and transparent

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    The bathrooms are pleasant


Businesses in nearly every industry trust LM Commercial Cleaning because we understand their unique needs.

You may have unique scheduling requirements, regulations that must be followed, or concerns about how your office cleaning services will impact the environment.

Whatever your cleaning requirements, our Pasadena cleaning services will give your business a professional atmosphere that your customers can’t ignore.

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Guests decide whether they’ll revisit your church within the first 10 minutes. A clean facility is a great first impression.

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Give your students and faculty a clean and healthy environment with professional school cleaning in Pasadena, TX.

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Impress your customers from the moment they walk through your doors with high-quality bank cleaning services.

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Medical Facilities

Give your patients confidence that your medical facility is safe and healthy with professional clinic and hospital cleaning services.

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Are your floors stain-free? Are your windows actually clear? Are your restrooms fresh and clean? If not, call LM Commercial Cleaning.

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Welcome your guests and members to a fresh and clean gym daily. Call LM Commercial Cleaning.

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  • Clean Floors (vacuuming, sweeping, moping, etc.)
  • Repair floors & carpet when needed
  • Remove trash
  • Sanitize restrooms
  • Restock restrooms (soap, paper towels, toil paper, etc.)
  • Clean kitchens, cafeterias, break rooms, etc.
  • Walls, ceilings, and baseboards
  • Clean windows, glass, and mirrors
  • And much more

We Are Committed To Green Cleaning

The best way to stand out to your customers is not by offering the best products or services. It’s by showing your customers that you care about them. One of the best ways to do that is by taking precautions to protect their health.

Your customers will thank you when they find out you’ve considered the well-being of their children, their families, and even their pets. You can do this by cleaning your office or commercial space with safe products that do not threaten them or the environment.

At LM Commercial Cleaning, we’ve worked with a licensed chemist to create a line of cleaning products harmless to the environment but powerful against germs.

Replacing dirt and grime with harmful chemicals is not a smart tradeoff. Thankfully, it’s not one you’ll ever have to make when you trust us with your commercial janitorial services.

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Eco Friendly

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Pasadena, TX

Commercial carpet can communicate professionalism and luxury to your customers, but not when it’s stained, torn, and stretched out.

At LM Commercial Cleaning, we offer comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses like yours. And we don’t just mean vacuuming. Our extensive cleaning services include carpet restretching, seam repairs, water removal, and much more.

Your customers will remember the atmosphere of your building. With our help, you can ensure what they remember is the unmatched excellence they experienced inside your store.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning

Your customers notice your floors. The question is, are they impressed... or disgusted?

For most commercial cleaning companies in Pasadena, floor care means sweeping and mopping hard floors regularly. But very few go deeper than that. While your floors may technically be clean, they may still be caked with hard-to-remove stains, grease-laden grout, and dusty and grimy corners that are difficult to reach.

That’s not how we do things at LM Commercial Cleaning. We don’t just sweep and mop your floors. We offer a range of commercial floor cleaning services for all types of flooring.

Our office building cleaning services include floor waxing, grout cleaning, and more to keep them looking new so customers will take notice.

Don’t buy the lie that a scuffed up, stained floor shows the “character” of your building. It doesn’t make people think “character.” It makes them think “carelessness.”

LM Commercial Cleaning offers a better way. Let us take care of your floors, so you never have to worry about them again.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services Pasadena, TX

If you run a coffee shop, retailer, or any other business where customers can sample the experience of your business from the outside, your commercial windows must be spotless.

Smudges and fingerprints send a message to your customers about the quality of your business. Your customers shouldn’t notice your windows (they should be invisible). Instead, they should see the welcoming environment of your store and be drawn inside.

LM Commercial Cleaning provides spotless window cleaning services that make your business gleam with professionalism.

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Commercial Window Cleaning

LM CLEANING Pasadena, Texas

Contact LM Commercial Cleaning today to speak with one of our team members and get a cleaning quote to clean your business. We will help your business stand out from the competition and ensure your customers remember their experience.


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