Looking For a Low Investment, Recession Resistant Business Opportunity?

If your goal is to be a rock star franchise owner, then you’re at the right place with LM Cleaning!

  • High return on investment
  • Great lifestyle with a comprehensive exit strategy
  • Exclusive and customized territories
  • Monday-Friday schedule
  • Opportunity to join the 32% of our franchisees.

We offer Mentorships to ensure the highest quality training experience that includes:

  • Mentor training
  • Protected territories
  • Intensive training
  • On-site mentor visit program
  • Personal trainer on-site
  • Ongoing administrative, marketing, and support

The Best Areas Available

LM Cleaning is seeking motivated individuals with an aptitude for business, and the drive to succeed. Some of the biggest cities and wealthiest towns are available. This is an opportunity to totally control your future! There is no recognized brand leader in maid service, and every market is wide open for LM Cleaning to be the leading home cleaning service.

Join LM Cleaning's Franchise Family

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, and want to follow a proven system to build a business that cares about quality service, then LM Cleaning  is for you! Every detail of LM Cleaning was carefully created to gain and maintain your target clientele – the legendary logo, sticky slogan and one of the country’s leading brand builders. Our website is among the absolute best at in driving web site traffic to local franchisees.

Are You Ready to Start Right Now?

Do you want to run your own home business and have your nights, weekends and holidays off so that you can do what you want to do? Are you ready to join a distinguished industry leader? Professional maid cleaning service is a multi-billion dollar industry, with a double digit growth rate. LM Cleaning's proven System for Success has everything you need to be the market leader. The key ingredient is you. Are you ready right now to start controlling your financial future?

LM Cleaning is not just different

LM Cleaning is not just different than other services. It’s better. We are a business with big plans to grow substantially, but while making money is a good thing, happiness and enjoying the hours you work each week with co-workers and fellow franchisees is what makes life much more enjoyable. And we do a great job making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. You couldn’t be at a better place.

To find out more about our Franchise Opportunity please contact us today at 903.289.4111

Frequently Asked Questions


Most other franchisors charge a franchise fee that can total from $30,000 all the way up to $80,000, but LM Cleaning's franchise fee is only $7,900 and includes the price for your base territory. Our franchise fee is so low because we deal directly with you rather than using sub-franchisors and commissioned business consultants. In addition to our low fee we also offer a veterans discount and/or special incentives if you’re already in the residential cleaning business.


LM Cleaning sets the bar high with our low royalty fee starting at only 6.5 percent (6.5%) of gross sales and decreases to as low as 3.5 percent (3.5%) as your maid franchise grows. We only bill the royalty fee once per month, unlike our competitor franchises who bill every week and charge a typical 7% flat royalty fee. Low operating costs means higher profit for you!


At LM Cleaning, we think you should be the one who decides where and when you spend your marketing dollars. LM Cleaning charges a modest one percent (1%) national marketing fee that is directed towards online website marketing. Most other franchises charge a full two percent (2%) or more of gross sales for national marketing, which brings your ongoing fees to nearly 10 percent (10%) of your gross sales.


No! LM Cleaning does not mandate our franchisees to purchase cleaning supplies, cleaning tools, uniforms or insurance from us. However, we do make sure everything is available to you.


Simply put, we’re better! LM Cleaning is still at the size where you can work with the founders as you grow your home cleaning franchise. We have the highest support to franchisee ratio in our industry. Don’t even think of getting that sort of personal attention from a franchisor with hundreds of franchisees. It’s not our goal to have the most franchisees. We want fewer, larger franchisees that we can work with on a personal level.


LM Cleaning has the most creative and effective marketing materials in the industry. And, we don’t force you to spend a pre-defined amount of money on marketing nor do we force you to purchase marketing from us or any particular vendor.

What LM Cleaning does is allows you to manage most of your marketing needs through our exclusive intranet site – it takes just minutes to send a direct mail piece to a demographically targeted list, place pre-printed inserts in your local newspaper or order marketing materials like magnets or car wraps. You can choose from our seasonally updated print materials, or take advantage of our graphic design resources for special projects.

We utilize dedicated, in-house experts to incorporate local search engine optimization (SEO) into our content marketing strategy to drive traffic to franchisees’ local webpages so that their cleaning franchise will be visible in consumers’ online searches. LM Cleaning is a leader in digital marketing including pay per click management, directory management and other on-page and off-page strategies.

Additionally, our dedicated marketing consultants and analysts can you help you take a deeper dive into your territory and provide you with a marketing analysis to identify a marketing plan best suited for your area and benchmark your results across the franchise community in order to continuously improve your marketing ROI.

In-depth LM Cleaning software allows franchisees to manage online advertising campaigns and compare results with the rest of the LM Cleaning community. Other marketing includes videos, radio and TV spots, banner advertisements and sponsorship programs, just to name a few of the things LM Cleaning supplies for marketing success.


LM Cleaning offers every franchisee a multi-week extensive training program that consists of the right mix of at-home training along with hands-on and classroom training right in the LM Cleaning headquarters. After completion of this program you will feel confident opening the doors of your home cleaning franchise. But our training and support doesn’t stop there – you will be assigned to a dedicated “start-up” coach during this training period and for your first months while your office opens. You will also have a set of specialists at your disposal, including the founders, who will begin working with you even before you sign a franchise agreement.


LM Cleaning offers you personal attention unmatched in our industry. In fact, it’s unmatched in most of the franchise world. To that end, there is no “one” way to get support. Certainly you can pick up the phone and call whenever you’d like, but there are also webinars, conventions, online training materials, peer to peer calls and meetings as well as email and IM for those quick questions.


We focus on what’s important. Other franchisors spend time selling products and uniforms. Not only does this take their focus away from what they should be doing, it costs you more because they must build in their cost of delivering these ancillary services. At LM Cleaning, we focus on helping you succeed – and fast. Our Start-Up Consultants help you to get your business up and running in record time. Your dedicated Marketing Consultant helps build customized marketing plans to your territory and makes unique recommendations based on your business’ needs. The LM Cleaning Online Marketing Consultant helps you to get your phone ringing with qualified sales leads and – more importantly – helps you to keep the phone ringing over time so your cleaning service business grows. Even the founders pitch in and actively serve as a LM Cleaning business coach, meaning you always have direct access to the people who helped to start LM Cleaning and make it the great success it is today.


By design, LM Cleaning is the most flexible franchisor in the industry. Make no mistake – this freedom is an integral part of our strategy. Not only have we found this to increase owner satisfaction, it helps give us a competitive edge in each of the local markets we serve. But do understand, there are a number of business processes that are locked down, and for good reason. What we don’t do is make requirements for the sake of making requirements.


At LM Cleaning we don’t have pre-built territories. We talk with each of our franchisees personally and create an exclusive territory that will help meet their business goals. Along with a detailed review of demographic data in your area, we listen to you about the local nuances. Only after much back and forth do we lock down a territory that fits your objectives.


Most franchisors require you to have an automobile for each team. This just doesn’t make good business sense to us. We know just how costly it can be overseeing a fleet of vehicles if it’s not right for your territory. Again, here is where LM Cleaning is more flexible; we only require one company vehicle per office and let you decide if it’s in your best interest to purchase more. We make recommendations and let you decide on the rest.


To be honest, we feel it’s a waste of our time and your money. We would never waste our franchisees’ money becoming a retailor to them. Our goal is to stay focused on improving our systems and support, not building additional revenue streams.


LM Cleaning offers a complete business management software solution that gives you the power to run your house cleaning business effectively and easily. The software handles estimates and quoting, scheduling, billing, payroll and much more.

Our software is built in the “cloud” and requires nothing to be installed at your office. You can access our software from an iphone, ipad, Droid, MAC or PC. You can log in from your home, office or while on vacation. It’s so easy to use, we can teach it to you in a day.

But software is only as good as those who use it. Microsoft Word won’t make you a great writer and Adobe Illustrator won’t make you a great graphic designer. What LM Cleaning is particularly good at is teaching you how to use the software to optimize your business. Our Helpdesk and Cloud support team is amazing. And, if needed, we have videos and other training tools so you and your staff can learn in the comfort of your home.


A qualified household is a household with characteristics that have a proven likelihood of using housecleaning services. In general, a household is qualified if the household income is greater than $75,000 per year.


We opened our first office in Houston, Texas in 2012 and began franchising in 2014. Today LM Cleaning has 3 franchisees in Texas.


We are headquartered in Houston, TX. Being located in Texas, we have access to the most highly trained software developers and marketing experts in the country. Many of the country’s top universities are only blocks away from our office. This location means an extraordinary pool of talent and resources are available to us – all to better assist you. Come visit us!

Based upon our discussion, if we both feel you may be a good match for LM Cleaning, we will extend an invitation to tour our headquarters. You will meet the LM Cleaning team, see our facilities, preview our software and marketing materials and get a firsthand look into the LM Cleaning system.

Why Own a LM Cleaning Franchise?

LM Cleaning approaches business and franchising in a unique fashion. We encourage you to do your due diligence and read all of our competitors Franchise Disclosure Documents, and review their websites. We are confident you will find that LM Cleaning is the company that offers the best quality service, products and at the most reasonable price.

LM Cleaning not only offers the best quality service and products. We are a business with plans to grow substantially, but while saving you money is a good thing, happiness and enjoying the hours you work each week with co-workers and fellow franchisees is what makes life far more enjoyable. At LM Cleaning you and your customers are our number one priority and we strive every day to ensure everyone enjoys their experience with LM Cleaning. 

So how does all this make us better and unique? As you read the examples throughout this site and you will see why. Maybe it’s our straight forward approach to every aspect of the business. Maybe it’s our passion for our people and their happiness. Maybe it’s because we’re open to change and new ideas. Or maybe it’s just because we scrutinize every decision to make sure it’s in our franchisees best interests.

LM Cleaning provides franchisees with a low-risk, high reward cleaning service business opportunity. Here are just some of the tools we provide to franchisees to set them up for success in their business future:

LM Cleaning is Franchisee Friendly

Our franchise agreement shows why we are known as a franchisee friendly company. Here are few examples of how we have earned this reputation: we give you the freedom to spend as much or as little as you want on marketing your business by not requiring a specific dollar amount to be spent each month, you have the freedom to use the cleaning products you prefer, and royalty payments are only made once a month unlike other companies who require you to pay royalties weekly. We would rather you focus your time on providing excellent service and an enjoyable work environment hassle of weekly payments. There are hundreds of these little rules and regulations other franchisors seem to love. Not only do we hate them, we think they squander the entrepreneurial spirit.

LM Cleaning is Franchisee Flexible

It is undisputed that LM Cleaning allows their franchisees more freedom to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit than other franchisors.It’s important to us for our franchisees to be able to make theirown decisions and be competitive in your local market. We provide you with our set model and system, but we know that each market and franchisee is unique and we give our franchisees the freedom to mold our set model and system to fit their unique circumstances. Take team size for example; Why we would ever dictate how many people you MUST send on a cleaning is beyond us. Our freedom offers franchisees a bold, competitive advantage in their local markets. Not to mention a better entrepreneurial experience.

LM Cleaning Understands Marketing

At LM Cleaning we work with each franchisee individually to deliver exceptional results on an office-by-office basis. We consider each individual market and provide you with tips and helpful information to improve and increase your marketing results. . We have an exceedingly clear vision of the people who form our target market. We strive constantly to understand how they live, what makes them happy and what concerns them the most. Our marketing content is carefully crafted to connect with potential customers on emotional, intellectual and social levels. We offer contemporary, fun and creative designs, unique marketing content and expertise across all channels, both online and off.

LM Cleaning Customizes How We Support You

Each franchisee is motivated by their own unique entrepreneurial spirit. We are available to support you as much or as little as you would like. If you want to participate in all of the support options LM Cleaning has to offer and speak to us every day or if you want to speak to us only during your monthly check-ins, either preference is supported by LM Cleaning. We want our franchisee’s to be successful and to have access to the tools and information they need to reach their full potential at LM Cleaning. 

LM Cleaning Does Less to Give You More

The most important thing we can do for our franchisees is to listen to their ideas about what makes things easier and implement those ideas into the franchise. At LM Cleaning, we don’t waste time and money, yours or ours, by having fewer requirements, fewer demands and less overall nonsense. There is no doubt that LM Cleaning stands out because of our efficiency. We focus on what’s efficient and what works. For example, we don’t spend our time selling cleaning supplies. While we have recommended vendors for this, we would never waste our precious time on something as rudimentary as selling cleaning supplies. We keep our software and operations simple too. We hate busy work. We hate unnecessary clicks.

LM Cleaning is, by far, the most franchisee friendly, technologically advanced, operationally efficient and marketing driven franchisor in cleaning.Becoming a LM Cleaning franchisee gives you the power to take control of your financial future while providing a valuable service to your residential community. Now is the time to join our winning team and become established within the ever-expanding house cleaning industry.

Ready to Get Started?

Next Steps

Step One


Go ahead. Dig deeper and Email Us to receive a kit on all sorts of stuff you’ll need to know if you’re thinking about starting a residential cleaning business. Or, if you would like to speak with someone right now, give us a call at 903.289.4111.

Step Two


After you’ve had an opportunity to review our franchise kit, a member of our franchise development team will contact you to answer any additional questions you may have. Don’t worry. We don’t have any pesky sales people that will keep calling. We will also invite you to speak with current franchisees to hear what they think of owning a residential cleaning business as well as being part of LM Cleaning.

Step Three


If we both feel there may be a good match between you and LM Cleaning, we will extend an invitation to tour our headquarters in Houston, Texas. You will meet the LM Cleaning team, see our facilities, preview our software and marketing materials and get a firsthand look into the LM Cleaning system. You will find the business savvy and knowledge we share with you will apply to any business you may decide to start. If you choose LM Cleaning, it will be the beginning of our building a relationship as partners.

And don’t worry. When we say we are the most personal franchisor, we mean it. You will enjoy time with us alone, not with a bunch of other people looking to join us as well. This helps us really get to know you vs. the group approach taken by most other franchisors.

And we are so confident that you will love what you see when you visit us, that we will reimburse you for half of your trip, up to $250.00. If you become a franchise owner (whether with LM Cleaning  or another franchisor) within 30 days of visiting us, we will pay for the rest of your trip, up to an additional $250.00.

Step Four


We are certain you will find that LM Cleaning is 100% different from other franchisors – in both our approach to business as well as to franchising. We care – about our franchisees, about the business and about being happy in our everyday work lives. During this step in the process, you can sign your franchise agreement and finalize your territory choices. It’s time to start realizing your dream and to become part of the LM Cleaning family!

A Recession Proof Industry

The home cleaning industry is easily overlooked by most people, and is not typically an industry that comes to mind when choosing to start a business. Are you still skeptical? We did some research on the industry and our findings will make you a believer. According to a report by American Demographics, the number of households turning to outside help with their house cleaning chores was estimated at about ten percent (10%). This number includes households that ranged from one-time, move-in, move-out or spring cleanings as well as those who had their homes cleaned on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the year.

In addition to the business model, the industry trends look extremely promising well into the future. Freedonia Group, a market research firm, reports that the U.S. commercial and residential cleaning service industry is a $53.6 billion industry forecasted to continuously grow 4.5 percent (4.5%) annually. Couple that with LM Cleaning's proven systems and success is really only a question of your own hard work and dedication to the business.

The market for home cleaning franchise services is still largely untapped, leaving considerable opportunity for new franchisees to be part of this growing market. Customers utilizing home cleaning services tend to use them weekly or every other week. As a LM Cleaning franchisee, you need only to supply great service and your services will continuously be needed, providing you with a steady flow of income. And, since most customers pay at the time of service, you don’t have to sit around and wait for invoices to be paid.

Studies have shown that a franchise is more likely to stay in business than an independently owned business. A branded name with proven systems help the franchise stay in business longer and with more strength. By becoming part of a franchise, you have the advantage of increased visibility in the marketplace, the power of group marketing and the support of a dedicated team of people.

As part of LM Cleaning and a home cleaning franchise, you maintain control over your life – you are your own boss and you maintain your own hours. Additionally, since you are not required to maintain a large inventory or buildout an expensive retail location, a home cleaning franchise is one of the lowest cost businesses you can open today! With lower costs to begin your business, a path to business ownership is closer than most people think.

Compare Us to Other Franchises

As you compare LM Cleaning with the typical house cleaning franchise you’ll start to notice a few things. Our fees are usually lower. We tend to be more flexible. We keep things simple. And we almost always offer more. Listed below are general comparisons between the costs of a LM Cleaning franchise and a typical home cleaning franchise

Current Cleaning Business Owner Discount

LM Cleaning is offering qualified cleaning business owners the opportunity to convert their business into a LM Cleaning franchise at NO cost. Current cleaning business owners are not required to pay the up-front franchise fee or any royalties on current customers.

Veteran Discount

LM Cleaning also offers discounted franchise packages for U.S. Veterans making it easier than ever before for former service men and women to join the LM Cleaning family and own and operate their own home cleaning franchise. The veteran’s discount package includes:

A $3,000 discount on the initial franchise fee

A $100 invoice credit each month for the life of the ten-year agreement
Direct financing or financing assistance to enable U.S. veterans to start their LM Cleaning businesses with practically no cash up front.
A discount valued at $15,000

Detailed Office Cleaning

If you are looking for fast, quality commercial janitorial services in Houston TX, contact LM Commercial Cleaning today! We will provide you with an on-site consultation and answer any questions you may have.

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