Your patients’ comfort is important.

When they enter your office, you need them to feel at home so they can relax. This makes everything about their visit simpler.

That starts by providing a clean, thoroughly disinfected dental office. LM Commercial Cleaning provides medical facility cleaning services, and we can help ensure that your office sends the message you want it to.

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Medical-Grade Cleaning Services

Cleaning medical facilities requires training and experience, not to mention the right equipment for the job.

LM Commercial Cleaning uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to ensure that we provide dental offices, doctor’s offices, and other facilities with the kind of clean that they need.

We offer the kind of flexibility that a demanding dental practice needs, too. Whether you need monthly deep cleaning or daily office cleaning, we can help.

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Our Medical Cleaning Services

Waiting Rooms

To your customers, the waiting room is one of the most important of the practice. Let LM Commercial Cleaning keep yours sanitary and inviting.

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Diagnostic Rooms

Diagnostic areas are important to you, your staff, and your clients. LM Commercial Cleaning has the training and equipment to provide complete sanitation.

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A dirty bathroom will send patients to another practice. Let LM Commercial Cleaning provide daily sanitation and bathroom cleaning services.

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Patients maybe don’t see your office, but you spend plenty of time there. LM Commercial Cleaning can ensure your office is a place you’ll be able to focus.

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Employee Common Areas

Clean common areas will encourage professionalism and collegial relationships. Let LM Commercial Cleaning keep your staff at peak performance.

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Keeping laboratories sanitized is fundamental to good dental practice. LM Commercial Cleaning can ensure that your laboratories are spotless.

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Why Choose Us For Dental Cleaning Services

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    Dependable Crews

    You can rest assured that our janitorial crews will provide a professional, deepl clean for your dental office.

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    Flexible Scheduling

    We can provide a cleaning service that meets your needs– the daily, weekly, and monthly dental cleaning services you need.

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    24/7 Service

    Our dental cleaning crews will work around your schedule. We offer daytime, evening, and overnight cleaning services.

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    Sustainable Solutions

    We’ve designed specially formulated cleaning products that are 100% green. We’re committed to providing sustainable cleaning services.

100% Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

LM Commercial Cleaning paired with a chemist to devise cleaning products and solutions that are 100% green without sacrificing their efficacy.

The chemicals in harsh cleaners can eventually find their way into the soil and groundwater. That’s why LM Commercial Cleaning is committed to providing responsible and sustainable cleaning solutions.

When we are cleaning your dental offices, you can rest assured that we’re using products and techniques that will protect you, your employees, and your clients.

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