Public Restroom Cleaning

Filthy restrooms repulse customers. They’re not just a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. They’re also a hotbed for 1-star reviews.

Give your customers a place to relax, rather than an excuse to leave a bad review, with restroom disinfection and deep cleaning services.

Restrooms We Clean

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<h2>Public Restroom Cleaning</h2><p><br></p>

Customers Love To Brag About A Clean Public Restroom

Spread Hygiene. Not Germs

Frequent bathroom cleanings reduce the spread of diseases by erasing grime and harmful bacteria.

Breathe Cleaner, Fresher Air

A clean bathroom removes bad odors and improves air quality. This means a more pleasant environment.

Boost Your Reputation

Show your customers you really care by having a clean and  well-maintained restroom.

Meet Health & Safety Regulations

You avoid fines and penalties by having regular public restroom cleanings.

How it Works

1. Contact Us

We give you an estimated cost for your public restroom cleaning. We work around your schedule and clean the restroom at a time that’s best for you. We also have always-on-site janitors.

2. Get Clean Restrooms

Make your customers and employees happy with sparkly clean restrooms.

3. Create A Great Reputation

Give your customer a relaxing experience, and they’ll brag about you to everyone.

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Green Cleaning Practices

We exclusively use in-house made eco-friendly cleaning products. This means your customers and employees don’t breathe in harmful chemicals.

Make the switch to our eco-friendly cleaning services and provide your customers with a truly safe and healthy environment.

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<h2>Green Cleaning Practices</h2><p><br></p>

Public Restroom Cleaning Services

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    Toilet Cleaning

    We scrub the toilet bowl, seat, lid, and surrounding areas which removes any stains, dirt, or bacteria.

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    Sink Cleaning

    We disinfect the sink basin, faucets, and handles. We remove soap scum and other grime.

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    High-Touch Areas

    We disinfect high-touch areas like door handles, stall locks, and more.

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    Floor Cleaning

    Restroom floors get caked with grime. We mop and scrub it away.

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    Wall Cleaning

    We wipe down and disinfect these surfaces to remove any dust, dirt, or stains.

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    Mirror Cleaning

    We squeegee away every streak and smudge from your mirrors to make them shine.

Call For A Restroom Cleaning

Keeping restrooms safe and sanitary is our specialty. Our commercial restroom cleaning services keep your business’s bathroom looking its best. Give us a call for reliable, affordable public restroom cleaning services.

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