Commercial Cleaning for Daycares

Little hands make big messes. If your daycare isn’t clean, it isn’t safe for the kiddos.

LM Commercial Cleaning offers comprehensive daycare cleaning services that are effective and gentle. Our eco-friendly cleaning products are made in-house so they’re always kid-friendly.

Call the daycare cleaning experts at LM Commercial Cleaning. Trust us to provide a clean and healthy environment for your children to learn and play.

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Commercial Cleaning for Daycares

Top-Of-The-Line Daycare Cleaning Services

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    Window Cleaning

    Tiny hands make lots of smudges on windows. Be sure to keep your windows smudge and streak-free.

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    Surface Cleanings

    We clean every nook and cranny. Whether it be book shelves, door knobs, rest mats, and more, we disinfect them regularly.

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    Floor Cleaning

    Little kids spend a lot of time playing and crawling on the ground. We vacuum carpets, mop hard floors, and spot-clean any spills or stains.

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    Toy Cleaning

    Toys are frequently touched by children and contain lots of germs. They must be regularly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of illness.

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    Bathroom Cleaning

    Make sure your bathroom isn’t a breeding ground for bacteria. We clean and disinfect all bathroom fixtures, including toilets, sinks, and faucets, and more.

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    Lunchroom Cleaning

    Kids are messy when they eat. Crumbs get everywhere. We keep the lunchroom clean to prevent the spread of germs.

Why Hire Us?

You get cleaning professionals who are dedicated and details-oriented when you work with LM Commercial Cleaning. We will make your daycare spotless.

Kid-Friendly Products

Our green cleaning practices make sure you and your daycare are always breathing fresh, clean air.

24/7 Availability

Schedule a cleaning anytime. We clean early in the morning, in the middle of the night, or any time in between.


Quality cleaning shouldn’t be expensive. We never have hidden fees. Our prices are fair and transparent.

How It Works

1. Contact Us

You get an estimated cost upfront for the cleaning. There are never hidden fees.

2. Schedule A Cleaning

Whether you want daily, weekly, or monthly daycare cleaning services, we customize a plan that works for you.

3. Get A Clean Daycare

Keep the kids at your daycare safe with our comprehensive daycare cleaning services.

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Commercial Cleaning for Daycares

Kid-Safe Cleaning Products

We only use in-house made eco-friendly cleaning products. This means the kids at your daycare are never exposed to harmful chemicals.

Make sure your daycare is a safe and healthy environment with our kid-safe products.

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Kid-Safe Cleaning Products